Birthday. July 28, 2014
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  2. It’s my birthday and I’m feeling Drake. | A Self-portrait.

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    July 28, 2014 - Toronto Centre Island


  3. It’s my birthday! 07/28

    Nya pee birthday to me!.
    In other news, I’m on my bed i just took a shower, had some oysters and ice cream. Expecting for some surprises but it didn’t happen so I’ll just surprise myself later when I wake up and set a plan. Well, like I said I’ll be a tourist of my own city so alone time would be okay.
    Happy birthday to everyone who’s celebrating their birthday today July 28th!.

  4. "The same old boring shit?"

    Birthday. July 28, 2014

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  5. Birthday boy.

    July 28 is approaching, it’s my birthday and I can’t think of anything to do aside wondering if I can get a good breakfast serve in my bed and be a tourist of my own city. Actually, I’m more excited of going to Osheaga with friends to see my favourite bands playing. It’s a road trip going to Montreal and I think its going to be more exciting. Or maybe take a photo of random people who seems so happy on my birthday. I guess my birthday wish is to become more stable and save a lot of money for my so called future. But for now away, we go. Sorry Jimmy I need to borrow your thoughts because I know we share the same “facts about me”. (Somehow) Okay so here it goes:
    -I know life isn’t fair.
    -I’m terrible with relationships.
    -I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.
    -I don’t want to waste my own time.
    -I won’t let anyone restrict me from my full potential.
    -I won’t ever let myself restrict anyone else from their full potential.
    -I just need to be alone some times.
    -I just need to be held sometimes.
    -I don’t know what I want.
    -I know what I don’t want.

    Again, merry birthday. xx

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